A Company Built on Strong Foundations

Integrity, quality and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of WIMCO. A licensed general building contractor in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, WIMCO has built its impeccable reputation by putting the client’s demands and needs first for over half a century. Based out of Washington, NC, WIMCO is rooted in a family-owned business involving crane service, steel erection, pile driving and metal building construction.

WIMCO and its owners – Jeryl and Kevin Rawls – recognize that their reputation for quality construction done on a timely basis has been built by years of doing things right. They intend to protect that reputation by continuing to build excellent industrial and public buildings, and providing a full spectrum of services for public and private commercial projects. We emphasize workplace safety with stringent safety standards and signed agreements from all our subcontractors.

Experience, expertise, high-quality construction, attention to detail – we are your choice as general and commercial contractors.

“WIMCO is an outstanding company. You can trust them on a handshake. My company is based out of New Orleans and we are able to put our head on the pillow at night knowing that WIMCO is on the job and protecting us a thousand miles away.

“What some general contractors might call going above and beyond on a project, WIMCO considers to be a standard. The quality of work is phenomenal. They are also the most high-tech general contractor we have ever seen. The amount of daily information available to the client is extremely helpful. I like knowing that if I want to pick up the phone and get anyone in the company, they are always available. It has been a great relationship between WIMCO and G.H.K. and we highly recommend the experience.

Gordon H. Kolb, Jr.

G.H.K. Developments, Inc., New Orleans, LA