Program Management

Program Management, defined, is the process of managing several related projects, often with the intention of improving an organization’s performance.  At its core, Program Management is not as much about the construction as it is about a core understanding of the vision behind the work.  WIMCO always understands and enhances that vision and that is why we are specialists when it comes to managing your construction programs.  The decision to embark on a Construction Program is a huge one in itself but selecting the contractor to partner with is equally important.  With a rich 70 year history and over 2700 projects completed, WIMCO has a tremendous list of satisfied clients.  We have several national retailers that we are currently working with on several large-scale programs.  In most programs such as this, WIMCO is managing the entire process from design all the way through construction. 

What sets WIMCO apart is our understanding that every customer that walks into your store is important.  Construction, by its very nature, is a disruptive activity but we make sure that your customers’ experiences remain positive at your establishment.  From proper signage and safety precautions to helping your customers as if they were our own, WIMCO takes this aspect of the project very seriously.  We want your customers to leave your establishment excited about the changes you are making for their benefit, not upset because of the construction. 

WIMCO boasts a stable full of skilled, courteous Superintendents that take great pride in a job well done.  These individuals are extremely important because they are ultimately the face of your project during our time in your store.  These Superintendents are supported from the office by our excellent core of Project Managers.  WIMCO Project Managers are indoctrinated into the “WIMCO Way” which is centered on integrity in every relationship and quality construction on every project.   

If you are interested in learning more about Program Management, and how we do it here at WIMCO, please reach out to us to start the conversation today

Circle K, Spring Hill, NC