Our Story

The Rawls family of Washington, North Carolina has owned and operated WIMCO (originally Washington Iron and Metal Company) since its inception in 1950, when it was founded by Clarence Arthur Rawls, Sr. and his brother-in-law, Terry Dickens. Upon moving to Washington, NC from Rocky Mount, NC, Clarence and Terry got into the scrap iron business which became popular in the years following World War II.

Times were good and business was booming so Clarence and Terry purchased cranes to move the scrap metal into rail cars. The cranes led to further expansion and demands, at which point Washington Iron and Metal Company began to drive piling, erect steel, and install cofferdams. Hard work and dedication developed the small scrap metal company into a full metal building dealership. Clarence Rawls, known not only for being an incredible businessman, carried a good name in Washington. Described by many as a good neighbor and friend, he served his community as a city councilman and a deacon at the local Baptist Church.

Continuing their father’s legacy, Clarence Arthur (“Artie”) Rawls, Jr. and Jeryl Rawls purchased the company from their father in 1972. Washington Iron and Metal Company became a general construction firm, WIMCO Corp.

Artie Rawls served as president of WIMCO from 1972 until his retirement in 2006. Artie continues to enjoy coming to his office, offering his considerable business experience to the growing company and current president Kevin Rawls. Jeryl Rawls currently serves as CEO.

Today, WIMCO uses its strong foundation to support its innovation and expansion. Their practical and functional building philosophy has grown the WIMCO concept into a multiple-award-winning company capable of meeting any commercial or industrial construction requirement. WIMCO has built a reputation as an industry leader in the utilization of computer technology and has been recognized in IBM’s professional trade magazine for its exemplary use of construction software. WIMCO has also grown to include renovation and design to its already impressive array of construction services. More than 1700 projects have been completed over WIMCO’s long history.