Washington, NC – WIMCO Corp announced today that Matthew J. Hill, WIMCO Corp VP of Operations, has joined the organizations ownership group through a stock purchase agreement. The Carteret County NC native earned his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management Degree in 2006 from East Carolina University before relocating to the Baltimore, MD area working on high-rise developments with Hensel Phelps Construction.

In March of 2007 Hill relocated to Eastern, NC and joined the WIMCO team as an Assistant Superintendent. His talents and passion were quickly realized, and the title of “assistant” was quickly dropped, and Hill was running jobs on his own.  His work in the field as a Superintendent culminated with the stellar execution of the new Corinth Holders High School in Johnston County, NC. A sprawling $50 Million campus on 100 acres boasts vast athletic facilities to go along with over 250,000 square feet of classrooms and auxiliary spaces.



With nothing left to prove in the field, Hill was promoted to Project Manager, where he excelled in all categories. From budgets, to scopes of work, to managing owner and subcontractor relationships, there was nothing out of his reach as a manager.


Since becoming VP of Operations in May of 2015, Hill oversees multiple facets of the company from estimating and preconstruction, to client relationships, business development, and field execution.

“Matt is a natural leader. He faces challenges head on and is not afraid to dig in and work hard.  He has always cared so deeply about this company and the people that make it up, it was only natural that he should be given the opportunity to become a part owner.” said WIMCO CEO & President, Kevin Rawls.


“He has been instrumental in our success since the day he got here, and he never lets up. Matt is constantly striving to get better and learn new ways of doing things and he is not just content with himself getting better. He constantly pushes the team around him to work hard and give it their best. He has been a blessing to my life, both personally and professionally, and Jeryl and myself could not be happier to have him joining the ownership group. With WIMCO now in its 70th year in business, succession planning is a big part of the journey” said Rawls.

Matthew Hill resides in Greenville, NC with his wife Nicole, their daughter Carter (7) and son Noah (3).  When he is not at work, Matt enjoys boating, offshore fishing, hunting, and spending time with his family.


About WIMCO Corp


WIMCO Corp is a 3rd generation, family-owned Commercial General Contractor based in Washington, NC who is celebrating their 70th year in business. WIMCO specializes in Construction Management, Pre-Construction Services and Program Management. WIMCO currently has over 40 commercial construction projects spanning from North Carolina to Louisiana to Kansas and currently is working with a national retailer program managing over 400 commercial projects within the next 6 months. www.wimcocorp.com


The Kelly Children’s Home

To feel a deep, heartfelt connection to a cause to help people is one of the more special moments in the human experience. Being inspired by the passion of others for the greater good is really what life is all about. This past week, our entire Outreach Team at WIMCO was moved to the point of tears hearing Alexis Kelly pour out the heart behind the Kelly Children’s Home, a new children’s home coming to Beaufort County that will change the trajectory of the lives of so many children in our community. 


Beaufort County currently has approximately 147 children in foster care with only 23 licensed foster parents in the county. Inadequate housing, drug abuse, and sexual abuse are the top 3 reasons children are placed in foster care in Beaufort County. Twenty-five percent of these children are separated from their siblings when placed in foster care. The 12-18 year old age group is the one with the greatest need given their imminent transition to society and the need to teach them critical skills to make it in the world. The Kelly Children’s Home will serve this monumental need in Beaufort County and aim to break this cycle of abuse and neglect.

Alexis and her husband Josh are raising money through the Kelly Foundation to purchase the land and building in Washington that will become the Kelly Children’s Home. They have a closing date set for July and they are in the midst of a big fundraising push to reach their goal of $130,000 raised by that time.  Their hearts are gold and their resolve is strong. Once the purchase is made there are some immediate needs for renovations to the grounds and the building, to effectively turn this building into a home.  Please visit their website at https://thekellychildrenshome.org/ and also please consider visiting their GoFundMe and donating to this worthy cause. https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/thekellychildrenshome

As our meeting last week culminated, our entire group was fighting back the tears thinking of the children that need help and will be helped by the Kelly Children’s Home. We believe in the Kelly’s and the heart behind this project, which is why we decided to become involved in a big way. WIMCO has come alongside the Kelly’s with a donation of $25,000 as well as a commitment to partner with them in consulting and construction services to help see the home become the gem it promises to be for Beaufort County. We share this not to boast, but rather to challenge you, the rest of our community, to come alongside the Kelly’s as well. This need is real and the Kelly Children’s Home is a big part of the solution. We encourage all of you to give whatever you can to help see this become a reality. Thank you.

Local non-profit addressing need for foster parents in the East

WIMCO Corp chosen as 2020 Best Employers in North Carolina

WIMCO Corp, of Washington, NC was recently named as one of the 2020 Best Employers in North Carolina. This program was created by Business North Carolina and Best Companies Group.

This survey and awards program were designed to identify, recognize, and honor the best employers in North Carolina, benefiting the economy, workforce, and businesses in the state of North Carolina. 

Companies from North Carolina entered the two-part survey process to determine the 2020 Best Employers in North Carolina. The first part consisted of evaluating each nominated company’s workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems, and demographics. The second part consisted of an employee survey to measure the employee experience. The combined scores determined the top companies and the final ranking. Best Companies Group managed the overall registration and survey process, analyzed the data, and determined the final rankings. This is the 2nd time WIMCO was chosen as one of North Carolina’s Best Employers.

WIMCO Corp is a 3rd generation, family-owned General Contractor who is celebrating their 70th year in business. Even after experiencing tremendous growth, WIMCO has managed to maintain and improve the family feel of the organization. WIMCO currently has over 40 commercial construction projects spanning from North Carolina to Louisiana to Kansas. WIMCO also specializes in program management and currently is working with a national retailer managing over 400 projects over the next 6 months. “We go where our clients want us to go and we adapt to what they want us to do and we do it with very driven, talented team members that we call family” Kevin Rawls, CEO & President of WIMCO.

WIMCO’s core values include integrity, on-time delivery, and quality craftsmanship. These values form the basis of who WIMCO is as a company. Behind each company are great leaders and, at WIMCO, that holds true. Leaders that care so deeply about their employees as people first will reap the benefits of a fiercely loyal group of long-tenured team members. The leadership team as well as every member of the WIMCO team, has embraced each other as family and assistance in time of need is a guarantee at WIMCO. The knowledge that everyone at the company cares for you and is there for you and your family is life-changing for all involved.

“Winning this award simply means that we have treated our people right. If a company is focused on productivity, profits, and only the actual work, and not the people doing it, success may be achieved but not be sustained. Sustainable success is only achieved through self-motivated employees who are that way because they feel valued.” Kevin Rawls, CEO & President of WIMCO.

“Our core focus is and will always be valuing our people as people first and employees second and taking care of our people at any cost.  When our employees walk in the door to the family atmosphere that exists here, they succeed because they want to, for the family.”

The company also works tirelessly to continue to add benefits to all employees. Constant improvements to benefit packages, family fun outings, group excursions out of the office, an on-site fitness center, flex time, paid Holidays, and the list goes on and on. Work takes up a large percentage of one’s life and WIMCO understands that and makes work fun. It truly is a family environment with endless perks.